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Based in the Kootenay region of B.C, I’m an experienced web developer with particular expertise in WordPress and its many uses.

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Web Designer, Developer and WordPress Crackerjack

I’m originally from a remote crofting community in the Highlands of Scotland with possibly the slowest internet connection in the British Isles. I cut my teeth building small websites for local businesses and after moving to Edinburgh in the late ’90s, the internet became more popular and as the demand for websites grew, so did my skills. Having worked on an extensive range of projects including large ecommerce websites, subscription based services and everything in between, these days I’m a Web Developer with the Tula Foundation, which includes the Hakai Institute and Hakai Magazine.

Skills & Expertise

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Experience Balfour BC

A proof of concept project in order to demonstrate an advanced 360° virtual tour, set in beautiful Balfour, BC.

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Skills & Expertise

How can we work together?

Web Design

With solid design skills and a creative eye, I have a long track record of collaborating with talented designers. Together, we produce well oiled, user-friendly, responsive websites.

Web Development

As a seasoned developer with many years of experience, I’m well-versed in HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery, plus the occasional guest star when required.

Content Management

I have tremendous experience developing original themes, writing client-specific plugins, deploying multisite installations and bending WordPress to my will.

API Integration

I have experience with Google, Facebook and Twitter APIs, along with some more project-specific APIs used for connecting to PoS terminals and loyalty services.


Many websites require the ability to sell goods or services. I’ve led projects based on Magento, OpenCart and of course, WooCommerce with sales topping $35,000 per day.


As an experienced professional, I know my strengths and when to lean on the skills of others. This ensures delivery of a high-quality product that exceeds client expectations.

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